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Brief Description
Show details for CMT for CoexistanceCMT for Coexistance
Hide details for CMT for ExchangeCMT for Exchange
Show details for Error MessageError Message
Show details for ExchangeExchange
Show details for General InformationGeneral Information
Show details for Hints & TipsHints & Tips
Show details for How ToHow To
Show details for InformationalInformational
Show details for OutlookOutlook
Show details for Room and Resource MigrationRoom and Resource Migration
Hide details for TroubleshootingTroubleshooting
Fixup Tool to fix Sent date and incorrect table translation entries
Migration Error "Error: No destination server display name..."
Outlook Allow Access window during migration
Non-English Outlook client Error when converting NSF to PST
Error: "Invalid XML document, The document does not have a root element"
"Match Selected Users Error:  4602, line 197: DOM Parser operation failed" When Trying to Match user via the GAL selection
Personal folders that contain an alias do not migrate
SQL Fails to listen to TCP/IP sockets if TCP/IP is only selected protocol
Migrated PST files not importing into Exchange 2007 using powershell command
Troubleshooting Address Translation in CMT Universal
Tracking Tab in Exchange is not displaying if a user Accepted/Declined or Tentatively Accepted a meeting once it is migrated into Exchange.
Not all encrypted documents are decrypted using decrypt agent sent from EMM
Unable to initialize Outlook for migration to Exchange server
Meeting requests in Lotus Notes that are not accepted show up as tentative rather than free in Outlook
How to migrate Lotus Notes archives if they already exist on an archive server.
Contacts missing + in Phone Number Formatting
Error when opening CMT for Exchange: "SOAP layer not initialized"
Receive "Error: CreateProfile() 80040115: unable to configure message service to create temporary profile 'CMT Temp Migration Profile' for Exchange server" error during migration
How to deal with AWD problems after upgrading CMT Universal