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Details about CMT for Exchange functionality


What does CMT for Exchange migrate? Here are a list of questions to answer.


Feature DescriptionBinary tree answer (CMTc is CMT For Coexistence, CMTe is CMT for Exchange)
Does the tool move mail? Yes, CMTe copies mail from Notes to Exchange, allowing for fast rollback if needed by customer on a specific account
Will it decrypt messages? Yes, CMTe pre-migration tasks include mailboxes audit and if needed mail messages decryption
Will it import archives from the local client?Yes, CMTe allows for client based archive migration, controlled by the user to LocalPST
Will it import server based archives?Yes, CMTe allows also for server archives migration too, both to server or to PST files
Will it migrate To-Do lists to Tasks?Yes, CMTe migrates Notes tasks to Outlook tasks
Will it keep To-Do lists assigned?Yes
Are Notes DocLinks converted?Yes, CMTe converts Doclinks into Notes URL, but maintain the Doc Link Image and functionality.
Will it migrate user Private or Hidden folders?No. But we have a Pre-Processing agent that can be sent to the user to convert them to Lotus Notes Shared folders. This MUST be run in the user context, just like email decryption
With Personal Address Books, will it do a local names.nsf into contacts?Yes, CMTe premigration audit detects for synchronized contacts into mailbox, if not customer can decide either to force synchronization before migration or to migrate local names as a user controlled post migration task
With Personal DL and Membership, will it translate these in the names.nsf to Contacts?Yes, CMTe will convert both contacts and groups from personal address book to oulook contacts and lists. When migrating a Notes personal group, CMTe won't create a separate contact for each member of the group as it's not necessary and would garbage Outlook contact list.
Can it migrate server groups?CMTe will migrate mail groups to distribution lists via AMT Group Migration tool
Can it migrate mail-in databases?Yes, CMTe migrates mail in database to Exchange mailboxes
Can it migrate Document Libraries?Yes
Can it migrate Discussion Databases?Yes
Will it migrate iNotes Contacts to Outlook contacts?Yes, CMTe migrate mail file integrated contacts (used in iNotes) to Outlook contacts
Will it filter Mail based on date range?Yes, CMTe migration profiles enable advanced mail filtering based on date range, single attachment size, global attachments size, folder names exclusion/inclusion, mail/task/calendar age.
Will it filter Mail based on age (X days old)?Yes, see above
Will it filter Mail based on size?Yes, see above
Will it filter Calendar based on date range?Yes, see above
Will it filter Calendar based on age (X days old)?Yes, see above
Will it filter To-Do based on date range?Yes, see above
Will it filter To-Do based on age (X days old)?Yes, see above
Can it use different filter values based on data type?Yes, Mail, tasks and calendar entries have different settings
Does it interface with Powershell?Yes, AMT make use of PowerShell for Mailbox Provisioning and the use of EMM as a Notes Database means that we can interface LotusScript to execute PowerShell Commands.
Will it migrate Mail directly to a PST?Yes, CMTe allows to migrate mails to Exchange server or to local PST file
Will it migrate Calendar directly to a PST?Yes, CMTe allows to migrate Calendar to Exchange server or to local PST file
Will it migrate To Do directly to a PST?Yes, CMTe allows to migrate Tasks to Exchange server or to local PST file
Will it migrate Contacts directly to a PST?Yes, CMTe allows to migrate Contacts to Exchange server or to local PST file
Will it perform custom address translation during migration?Yes, CMTe ensures Name translation of Notes Hierarchical addressing to SMTP Addressing, including all address fields (from, to, cc, bcc).
Will it move client notes rules to outlook rules?It is currently not possible to Migrate Notes Mailfile Rules in any product.

CMTe doesn't migrate Notes rules to Exchange rules. Instead, a mail is delivered to Outlook for the newly migrated user listing with details all the rules he was using in Notes, thus allowing him to set them easily back.
Will it migrate rooms and resources to Exchange?Yes, CMTe migrates perfectly rooms and resources to Exchange
Do custom recurring meetings work?Yes. Custom Repeating patterns will continue to work post-migration.During coexistence what can be remediated will be remediated, and what cannot will be declined and returned to the sender for correction with notification.
CMTc is the leading industry solution for Domino/Exchange Coexistence and ensure perfect meeting remediation, especially with recurring meetings.
CMTe migrates all meetings from Domino to Exchange, including repeating meetings.
Do you have any pre-processing setup options?Yes, Message Templates are available for Decrypt mail, sync contacts, fix folders etc
CMTe allows to create and send users pre-migration scripts via email
Do you have any post-processing setup options?Yes, we will switch routing and inject a final message into the users Notes Mail file advising they have been migrated
CMTe allows to create and send users post-migration scripts via email
Does it change the Lotus Notes Directory?No it doesn't. We can use a Staging Server, as we do not migrate off information on the NAB. We bring NAB info to EMM and work from there.
Can it be batched?Yes, all migrations can be kicked off and they are allocated to free workers.
CMTe migration can be run from management console in foreground/background or be batched
Does it require a Config file for batch migration?No it doesn't. All managed from within EMM users are assigned a Migration Profile
Does it migrate documents not in any folder?Yes, CMTe migrates documents that are only visible in the "All Documents" view into a specific folder "-UNFILED-" in Exchange mail box
Does it require the mailbox to exist?Yes, CMTe migrates a Domino mailbox into an existing Exchange mailbox. Mailbox provisioning can be done by any mean, including Binary Tree Advanced Migration Toolkit (AMT), freely provided with CMTe
For Contact Merger, does it do AD manipulation?Yes, AMT does contact merging into mail enabled user in order to keep all SMTP addresses and LegacyExchangeDN data
For Mail enabled users, does it do AD manipulation?Yes, AMT allows for mail enabling users into AD
For Mailbox creation, does it do AD manipulation?Yes, AMT allows for mailbox creation into Exchange/AD
Does it provide reports for size, speed, etcYes, CMTe provides realtime and dashboard metrics for workers and global migration. Additionally output log files can be enabled for different logging levels..
If you have to restart migration can you purge the mailbox first?CMTe allows to restart a single or a group of mailbox migration with or without purging the destination mailboxes.
If you have to restart migration can you merge the information without remigrating? - Please give more information, question is ambiguous- Restart yes, as long as the Temp directory is not purged on Worker machine, and the Clear History option is not used.
Can thread count be modified to increase performance?CMTe has been designed with AWD (Advanced Workload Distribution) to support simultaneous migrations using multiple migration workstations. This permits the distribution of the migration workload across a virtually unlimited number of migration workstations that result in increased control and greater migration throughput. These migration workstations can be located, managed, and monitored anywhere in the world, so long as they have access to the source and destination data repositories. This model totally outperforms the old multithreaded bandwidth/cpu/memory/disk sharing migration process model. One Machine crash will not hold up other migrations and as MAPI is single threaded, only one machine can perform migrations. Other solutions utilise time-slicing..
Can Access Control Lists be migrated?Not yet, next AMT version will have this feature