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How to clear out the translation entries in a SQL database


You want to clear out the translation table in the SQL database so you can start fresh and reimport the translation entries again


Open SQL Management studio

Go to your BTCodex database, rightclick on the database, and select 'New Query...'

Copy each one of these queries into the execution window one at a time, and click 'Execute' for each line. Replace [MyBTCodex] with your CMTe database name. The default is BTCodex.
  • Delete from [MyBTCodex].[dbo].[BT_Alias]
  • Delete from [MyBTCodex].[dbo].[BT_Person]
  • dbcc checkident('BT_Alias', RESEED, 0)
  • dbcc checkident('BT_Person', RESEED, 0)

After you do this, you to go to each workstation and do the following:
  • delete nametranslation.xml
  • shut down the migration worker

Re save your address translation entries from the CMT for Exchange database, then restart each worker one at a time.