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Special characters don't export correctly from EMM (and Add-on Tools)


Special characters don't export correctly from EMM (and Add-on Tools)


When migrating a conference room with special letters in the name (such as , and ), it does not migrate successfully. This happens with rooms, resources, user archives, mail-in databases and anything else that is written to CMT Universal using the "Export to CMT Universal" button within EMM (formerly known as Add-on Tools).


FIXED in 6596b and 6217

This is a known issue and is due to a bug in the version of Java that is included in the Notes client. Java is used in the export process to write the data to CMT Universal. We are working on a fix, but due to the complexity of the issue, there is currently no ETA on when it will be done. Essentially, the export to CMT Universal agents have to be re-written to avoid the problems with Java.

In the meantime, the exported items can be edited in CMT Universal after export to correct the characters manually before migration. Here is an example:

This is what it should look like:

To get to this screen, right-click on the room in CMT Universal, then on Properties. All the fields in this screen are editable.