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Migrating Private folders to Exchange


Can BinaryTree offer a methodology or script for migrating user folders that have been created as a private folder?


When we migrate the mail file the private folders do not migrate because of the $Reader field in the folder. The only person who can read the private folder is the user who created it. Because the Notes admin ID being used to do the migration cannot see the private folder, the folders are skipped but the documents stored within them are migrated.
Documents that are in a private folder will migrated to the "Unfiled" folder in Outlook as they are still in the All documents view.

We have included a "Message Template" to add to the CMTe .nsf database; A notification can be sent to the user to convert their private folders to full access before the migration.

This agent was not created by and is not supported by Binary Tree.

If each user runs the conversion using this button (before the migration) then the private folders will be converted and migrated.

In the attached database is the message template. If just a blank mail file with one document in it so you could copy and paste it into the CMT for Exchange database under "Message Templates".

private folder.nsf